All comments detailed was provided by our enthusiasts Customers, is very important for us, know their opinions or suggestions because that makes of CiAN Technology a real Software Company.

09-27-07 Low system resources needed. Excellent for old computers
Fred Evans - from US NY.
09-25-07 This Soft runs as I spected, Thank you
Steve - from US Florida.
09-22-07 So easy-to-use and so fast. Just what a was looking for
Bruce - from US Texas Dallas.
09-19-07 Now I can check my server log files easily.
Philip Russell - from US Illinois St Louis.
09-09-07 Powerful for translators like me.
Matthew Hill - from US South Dakota.
09-08-07 How useful is the backup function. It saves me from mistakes LOL
09-08-07 Great support system. I talked with them by IM and the had helped my with my installation issue.
Nathan - from US Wyoming.
09-07-07 I just LOVE the log file!.
Judith - from Oregon.
09-01-07 Good looking sofware and works great with my html files.
Alexis Jones - from US Arizona Phoenix.
08-27-07 Awesome!!! really fast app.
Alice - from US Tulsa.


Thanks thats great. and your product just saved me about 3 hours work. Great Product keep it up.
John Andrews - from UK Gloucestershire.
08-24-07 Good navigation, intuitive and with a good price, very recommended.
Donald Pauls - from Canada Caribou.
08-21-07 Support services is very quick, I had a confusion when I bought with PayPal but the Support Dep (Claudio) helped me instantly, Thank you a lot
Dimitry Yeskin - from UK Cardiff.
08-20-07 Superb Utility, runs fast and changes my files as I need it
Thank you.
Robert Lederman - from US Miami.
08-16-07 Really is easy to use and looks professional.
Tim Miller - from UK Kingston.
08-13-07 Looks good !!!
Carl Wheber - from Canada Ontario.
08-11-07 It's great. I think this tool has done what I wanted on time
Josephine Path - from US San Diego.
08-08-07 Easy to use, and quickly have processed all our files.
Peter Wilson - from US Florida.
08-07-07 This tool really runs well, our job was done in a bit.
Karri Barker - from US Pennsylvania.
08-05-07 One word: Wow !!!!
Rick - from US New York.
08-01-07 I'll search for new releases and other products from this company,
Thanks guys
Marek - from Netherlands.
07-26-07 Good job this software run as supposed
Holger - from Berlin Germany.
07-23-07 I'm a web designer and my customers frequently ask for spanish translation, and the accent was making me crazy.
Now I can write for example and change it to á in all the code in one time.
Martha MacFarland - from US Kentucky.
07-22-07 It's a nice software. And the support team helps me a lot. Now I can improve my time/cost at the office.
Gordon Meltzer - from US Michigan.
07-22-07 Install and go, was easy, no additional was needed, very nice.
Adam Palmer - from UK London.
07-07-07 This "Send To" feature it's really impresive. Good Job.
Paul D. Kagen - from US Maryland.
06-30-07 Just what I was looking for. Easy to use and inexpensive.
Gary T. Irvin - from US Washington.
06-26-07 Amazing! I found an error on the code of my website. This program fix all the site in no time.
Michael Samuels - from US San Francisco.
06-23-07 Easy to use, very intuitive, thanks for all.
Nelson Peterson - from US San Diego.
06-20-07 Good job guys !!! it software or tool or that you want let us complete large string changes on out site in a bit. Thank you.
Joe Moore - from US Miami.


I think it looks well, but adds on like convertions UTF-8 etc. will be better.
Nathan Brown - from US New York.
06-14-07 Superb Customer support, I have problems to install this program and their support staff guided me in a few steps to have installed this program under my win98.
Freire Jose Alberto - from Mexico DF.
06-06-07 This program, let us have our job done just in time.
Anthony Johnson - from US Texas Plano.
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