CiAN Techology is strongly committed to protect your privacy and provide a safe online experience for all of our users and registered customers while offering the highest quality products and services to them. We may gather certain types of information about and from you to fulfill your request and serve your needs better, we feel you should fully understand the terms and conditions covering the collection and use of this information. This privacy statement discloses what information we may gather, how we may use it and how to correct or change it. Please read the "Privacy Policy" completely, as well as our 'Terms and Conditions' for use of information we may gather. Should you have any questions in this regard, feel free to contact us.
What Information we may collect about you ?
  You can visit our website, read products description and other materials, and check on offerings without giving us any personally identifiable information. Since we provide our customers and newsletter subscribers with the most efficient and enhanced personalized service; we may request information about you under occasional circumstances. For your convenience and a better attention; a customer account includes all the collected personal information that we may have.
However, you can update or correct your contact information or change your preferences about receiving newsletter and other information from us.

We collect personally identifiable information; such as name, mailing address and e-mail address when you register to one of our products or place an order. Website visitors may register to receive our newsletter by submitting their name and e-mail address.

Also we collect information about our visitors using Google-Analytics also our server logs a record by visitors, the information collected is IP, source of the visit and country of the visitor, we use this information to know our site traffic performance and improve it.

What we may do with the information we collected?
We use information that you provide to fulfill your request and improve our products and services. We may use personal information to display or send personalized content to our website visitors as well as to send newsletter, product features, promotional material, special offers and other updates to our customers and newsletter subscribers. A subscriber may, at any time, opt out of receiving such information. We also use collected information to evaluate and administer our products and services, resolve customers’ issues like respond to any problems that may arise such as product delivery failures, difficulties in navigating our sites or accessing certain features as well as to gauge user trends to determine what products are most popular with users.

We allow users of our website to email us their queries. We do not retain any email address (unless you are a member who already has voluntarily provided your email address) of either the sender or recipient of such e-mail or links after they are sent.

How can you control your personal information?

We believe that choice in how and when you are contacted is the key to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer several ways for you to update your contact information or change your preferences.

If you have purchased products developed by CiAN Technology. you may have an account at our Customer System. Then, you will be able to send us update or change your contact or account information filling this form Update Customer Record form.

You may unsubscribe to our newsletter filling the Newsletter Subscription, please note that it may take 1 Business day to unsubscribe, if you still receive promotional mailers or newsletter, please contact our technical support Team at

Thank you

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