CiAN File Splitter v3.85 Pro
The most powerful and easy-to-use file splitter on the market.
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CiAN File Splitter 3.85 Pro

How many times have you tried to send large files via Internet?
A lot of time, these operations fail. The most common reasons for this error are
slow internet connections, or limited storage space in the email accounts.

CiAN File Splitter can help you to solve these problems!
Download and Evaluate this Full Features enabled Trial !

Currently the latest revision of CiAN File Splitter v3.85 Pro is REV-03.14.2007
please keep updated Downloading the latest Version.

CiAN File Splitter v3.85
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CiAN File Splitter Key Features :

Splits and joins files securely without file corruption, guaranteed!, it makes the most secure File Splitter engine on the market.
Splits and join all files type like MP3, Movies, encrypted backups files and more.
Splits files by 'Pieces Size' or 'Number of Pieces'. Additionally capabilities to auto-detect the part size based on capacity of selected destination, span Parts automatically  to floppy/USB/Removable disks on-the-fly!.
Self-Join Capabilities enabled.
Fully integrated with Microsoft Windows Explorer.
Compression capabilities (WinZip compatible) to reduce your files before the File Splitter engine process it.
Password Protection to secure distribution.
SFV Checksums to ensure file pieces integrity when they are rejoined to original file.
DOS Command Line Support.
Automatic Command Line Generator.  Build-In batch file editor with 'Save to Disk' your batch file ready to use.
Integrated Real-Time monitoring of system resources and Windows Process Priority with adjustement selector.
These functions and many others, make of CiAN File Splitter v3.85 Pro the most powerful and easy-to-use file splitter on the market.
Q: Who can use CiAN File Splitter 3.85 Pro?
A: Day-to-day computer users: How many times have you had or will you have to realize with entire accuracy and in record time :

        Split huge files to upload theses to FTP Host.
        Send email, when the attached file that is larger than your email provider will allow for files.
        Span large files across Diskettes/USB/CD/DVD or ZIP Drives.
Q: CiAN File Splitter 3.85 Pro is great! So why isn't it more expensive?
Most other high-end utilities are targeted to the corporate environment, where prices can be inflated to a level beyond that of average affordability. With our software, we take a different approach. We want to make CiAN File Splitter available to everyone. We have kept the price low to make it widely available to the general public, and we're pleased to do it. Finally it translates to a good utility for you, and good business for us.

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